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Articles on game design, the industry, and games themselves. Some are important reading, some are just plain old fun. When I eventually write some articles, those’ll go up here too. In the meantime, all my “articles” are up on this blog, this is just a good place to jump to them.


The Next Big Thing (post on adding some controversy to your game’s design)
Mechanics vs. Rules (post on the inner workings of a game’s two most important foundations)
On Gameplay Trailers (post on the dos and don’ts of gameplay trailers)

Game Design

I Have No Words & I Must Design Design by Greg Costikyan
Your Portfolio Repels Jobs by Jon Jones
Defining Boundaries: Creating Credible Obstacles In Games by Gareth Griffiths
Nine Paths to Indie Game Greatness by David Marsh

Post Mortems

SCAD’S Rats by David McDonough

Game Reviews

The Greatest Game Ever Made

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