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Videogame Innovation Day

September 9, 2009

Let it be known that on this day, September 9, in the 2009th year of our Lord, the Governor of Massachusetts Deval L. Patrick declared it to be Videogame Innovation Day.

And the people did widen their eyes and say “What the fuck?” and accepted the day for what it was: AWESOME!

And the people did dust off their Dreamcasts, released on this same day 10 years ago, and did play Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and Soul Calibur, and Power Stone, and Fur Fighters, and Jet Grind Radio, and all manner of awesome games released on the best console evar.

And then the people did then load up all manner of Unreal Tournaments (Classic, 2K4, and 3) and blow the everloving shit out of each other in a glorious orgy of death, destruction, gibs, and happiness.

And as the day wore on, more games were played and more consoles were unveiled – even The Guy Game, despite it having been banned for underage nudity.

And soon the people did wail on Rock Band, beating drums off beat and singing songs off key, but it did matter for it was Videogame Innovation Day, and there are only two difficulties: Expert and LOSER!

And is it approached the night that is mid,  all manner of drinks and legal intoxicants were unveiled for the grand finale of the day: Rainbow Road Drinking Game in Mario Kart Wii, upon which a drink was taken each time a player should plummet to his or her doom!

And upon arriving home to sleep off the holiday of gaming festivities, the men and women of Earth did partake in one last game of their choice, even Solitaire or Minesweeper, before passing out like a log.

And goddammit, it was GOOD!


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