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You Reap What You Sow

January 21, 2009

Apparently the internet gods saw my last post and decided to curse me with internet sterility for the last five days. I just moved into Boundary Village down here at SCAD and it took Comcast all the long weekend to hook me up. I’ve had to sort through I dunno how much email, and I haven’t even dared look at the gaming news yet.

I guess I’ll do an update on Absolution here since my camera eludes me at the moment. Everything got moved around in unpacking and it took me all weekend just to find my fingernail clippers. Development is going very well. Randy already has a huge chunk of preliminary sprites done for Michael, and some of the advanced movement systems are already in place. And if not, I at least know how to do them. Ken continues to learn MMF and show off his ridiculous Kismet powered Rubix Cube, and I wrote 9 pages of doc after deleting 2 for, as Darren put it, a net gain of 7 pages in one weekend. Actually in one day. What this means is the Alpha Doc is finished. Unfortunately Build 1 was originally due today, but I had to push that to Thursday due to the technological constraints of not actually having the internet or the graphical and coded components I needed at the time. From this point on, no more builds will be missed. That is a promise I am making right now and was embarrassed enough I missed the first one.

Also, I have started a new game entitled, The Longest Night based on the Massachusetts Department of Social Services for Brenda’s “Design Patterns in Games” class. It’s basically “Shelter Tycoon” as my friend Marty called it. You play the owner of a DSS Shelter on a freezing cold Boston night. You have a very small number of beds and must decide who gets to stay there and who needs to go. For every person you let sleep who survives the night, the DSS gives you a bit of money to run repairs on the shelter, hire shovelers, pay your employees, etc. However, for every person you let die – either in the shelter or from kicking them out/sending them away – DSS refuses to pay you, even if they were, say, causing trouble in the shelter. This isn’t a happy game, and I felt a bit naucious just designing it, but when it comes to political statements and the chance to make a serious/persusasive game, I don’t mess around.


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