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Bob’s Game, Bob’s Protest

January 10, 2009

Bob Pelloni developed an RPG for the Nitendo DS. Nintendo refused to sell him a development kit to put the game on the DS. Bob went into a 100 day hunger strike. Nitendo didn’t care. Bob gave up, and made this post.

Here’s the thing, Bob. You’re an indie developer. I’m an indie developer. The difference between us, however, is that you do not seem to understand the concept or “risk factor.” There are channels for indie developers to go through to get their games on the DS and PSP, those mainly being publishers. Why? Because Nintendo and Sony do not want their development kits sitting around in somebody’s garage, waiting to go up on eBay for $150 when they cost more than $10,000 in the first place. The exception, of course, would be if you had some award winning games under your belt, which you don’t. My professor has an XBox 360 Development Kit sitting on her desk because she’s won more awards than you could fit in the garage where you’d let your DS Dev Kit collect dust. You’re just starting out, like me, and so really the only way to get noticed as an indie when you are starting out is to take the downloadable route, or bring your game to a publisher.

The DS is a great system and it’s great to see an indie designer developing for it. But if your game is really that good, BRING IT SOMEWHERE! Do not just throw in the towel because Nintendo won’t give you a dev kit, despite declaring yourself as a business, taking out tons of loans, and going on a hunger strike. They have company policies and one of them is probably to not give any Average Joe a development kit. Kind of like how most big companies won’t hire you until you have a game or two on your resume. It’s the experience that earns somebody’s trust, not necessarily the quality of the product.

My suggestion to you, Mr. Pelloni, is to go to your local IGDA meetings and start networking. Install your game to an SD card, put said SD card in your DS, and show it around. Get people interested. Get people HYPED. Find the big names there – don’t be shy, game designers are generally cool – and definitely show it to them. For all you know, somebody there knows somebody at EA or Majesco and can give a good word for your game, but only if you pimp it. Do not be shy, and for god’s sake, do NOT act like this is the end of the world for you.

If you can’t get it on DS, look into other channels. There are TONS! Steam, Man!festo Games, Greenhouse, and Direct2Drive for PC (not to mention your own website); iPhone; XBox Live Arcade; Playstation Network;  and WiiWare come to mind, although maybe not WiiWare because you seem to see Nintendo as the girl who broke your heart in high school. That’s fine, just don’t advertise it to everybody. Kotaku ≠ LiveJournal!

Right now, I hate to say it, but you are on everybody’s bad side looking at these comments, and I can only begin to imagine how many of them are also indie developers, reading your post, and deciding to have nothing to do with you even if your game is good. It’s hard to undo damage you’ve done to yourself and your reputation – believe me I know – but you can still redeem yourself. I suggest you look into other channels and give us some good news – and an apology for your behavior – before you become another joke of the game industry.


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  1. Smokedaddy permalink

    Another concept Bob doesn’t seem to grasp is that Nintendo gives developer access to developers, not games. Bob doesn’t meet a single requirement.

    Even if they game him developer access, at his current rate he wouldn’t produce another title while the DS is still a viable market.

    Insulting the president of NOA and the most respected principals of NOJ are a deal-breaker. He’s burned his bridges and stomped on the ashes, buried them, then dug them up and stomped on them again. Now he’s mad that he can’t cross the river.

    He may view his antics as some kind of performance art, but he comes off as dangerously unstable and unprofessional in every way. That is not someone Nintendo, or anyone else, wants to work with — no matter how long he holds his breath while throwing a tantrum. At this point, no one who matters is paying any attention to him; his game looks (at best) mediocre and full of tedious jokes (YUU SO FUNNY, BOB), and he refuses to show any more of it. He may now proceed to harvest what he has sown.

  2. Then of course there’s always the slim chance of someone reverse engineering it. That’s definitely not something the guys at NOA would want to deal with.

  3. If you think he’s burned his bridges…

    Try adding vandalism.

    The man has completely lost it. On all levels. Not only do you trash the very people you want to publish your game. Not only do you throw temper tantrums on a massive scale. You march into Nintendo World in New York City and vandalize it with your product.

    On a side note, I couldn’t help but notice his resemblance to Spike from The Super Mario Bro’s Movie.

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