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How Far is Too Far?

November 7, 2008

I started designing a new game to pitch in my Studio 2 class yesterday, working from the sensibilities of classic 90’s gorefests from the likes of id Software or Apogee. I figured it had been a while since I’d played a good 2D platformer, and it’d been even longer since I played one that had a heavy dose of brutal action. They don’t usually go hand in hand. Most 2D sidescrollers come down to either run right and hold down the trigger button, or find the correct ledge to jump to. When they are combined it’s always more fun than if it’s just one or the other. Think “Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure.” I know I talk about it a lot but it’s one of my all-time favorites. Fast-paced action, ridiculous platforming, and some amazing art direction with really fluid animation that translates over to the controls.

So what I am trying to do with this project is combine aspects from different action side scrollers to create a fast-paced breed of sidescroller, falling somewhere in between Castlevania and an atomic bomb. Think Metalocalypse in the High Gothic era. Heavy platforming elements on top of brutal, bloody action and light RPG elements to allow for player customization. And monsters. Lots and lots and lots of monsters.

Basically, I wanted to design a game that would force the creation of the ESRB if the ESRB didn’t already exist. I kind of feel like I’ve been holding back with my designs lately, and I have the urge to make something so completely insane that people laugh from pure joy and satisfaction while playing it.


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  1. When you get her pregnant…. OHHH you’re talking about game design. n/m

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