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Summer’s Goals – 30%

September 13, 2008

My goal for the summer was to make as many games as I could. I had aimed for five. Let’s see how I did.

NightRise – Didn’t touch it all summer. 0%

Triwing – Lots of work done in this, from design to script to game itself. However, not as much game done as I would have liked. 15%

Stalin’s Stash – Big design overhaul, new dice, however not actually remade. Likely to remake over next couple weeks since my Survey of Interactive Entertainment professor wants to try it. 10%

Game for Applied – Got a lot of script and design done but haven’t gone too far with it so that the team can jump in starting next week. 5%

Modular War/Card Game – Put on indefinite hold due to the amount of money it would have cost to produce. This is a ridiculously ambitious project that I don’t feel I have the skills or the manpower to create just yet. Expect it within the next decade, but for now, on indefinite hold. 0%.

So overall, pretty disappointing but I’m young yet. Triwing I am giving a 12-18 month development cycle, the other games I have no idea. I’ll give you the 3D Realms response and just say When It’s Done. Although the game for Applied (which now has a tentative title that I will not reveal) technically has a 10 week dev cycle, I wouldn’t expect it until after that. When It’s Done for all of them.

Interestingly, I don’t regret not touching NightRise this summer. This was the chance to step away from it I’ve wanted for the last seven years. I already know too much about it, so I’ll be able to approach it with a clean mind come the first meeting.

Off to Savannah at 5am. It’s intimidating how important this final year is going to be. Here’s hoping I make it through these next 10 weeks alive.


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