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I Want You to Put Your Homing Torpedo in my Gravity Well

September 1, 2008

I somehow remembered this existed. I don’t know why, since I thought I had blocked it from my mind, but I’ve been thinking a lot about Mega Man X4 and remembered that this rearranged soundtrack to Mega Man X sounds strikingly similar to porn music. Yet… it’s Mega Man X. I mean, I don’t even know what to SAY to that! It gives whole new meaning to the term “Mega Man” and that’s just… ew! Sorry, thought it’d be good for a laugh. Apparently I was wrong. What do you want, it’s 3am. Click the link to be disturbed.


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  1. damn… not only do you have to register you now have to donate in order to download anything. Phooey.

    I quite like and the work they do. They’ve got some really nice Megaman X remixes.

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