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Portfolio Update

August 31, 2008

I made an update to my Portfolio last night. Cut out most of my old work as well as revamping my resume, which is now strictly available in PDF format and no longer in HTML, although I’m going to have a couple new pictures up there pretty soon. Go ahead and check it out of you are interested:


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  1. Coincidentally, why isn’t there a link to your blog on your portfolio?

  2. I actually thought about it in the update, but I’m holding off on it for now so that if someone discovers my portfolio they don’t immediately discover the angry, ranting side of me. Let them discover that with time, I say. There may come a point where I feel there are posts on here important enough to link back to from my portfolio, but for now it’s really just stream of consciousness. Not to say there aren’t posts on here that I’d like to turn into actual articles, I just don’t have the inspiration to really sit down and do so. When I start writing actual articles, though, those will go up on my Portfolio as well as a link to the blog.

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