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Traveling Through Tubes at the Speed of Light

August 9, 2008

FiOS connected. WOO! I have never seen HD movies on Gametrailers download this quickly.

In other news, a bunch of teenagers looking for attention say GTA tought them to make Molotov Cocktails (like you can’t find out how on Wikipedia). I should also point out that in GTA you don’t make them – you just get them. Which you also do in Stalin’s Stash (HOORAY!) only those don’t blow up for real – they just flip a bunch of the tiles and give you more money. Now I just know someone is going to complain that my game has molotov cocktails, but let’s think about this realistically. When you blow something up with a molotov cocktail in real life, are you rewarded for it? Probably not. And that’s the magic of games. Nobody would believe that kind of thing in, say, a movie.

Take the Mario Brothers movie for example (just briefly, I promise). Imagine if there had been a scene where Bob Hoskins bumped is head against a ceiling tile and a quarter fell down. Nobody would have believed it, but at least us gamers would have appreciated the nod.

Speaking of Stalin’s Stash, though, apparently Monday was Post Mortem and nobody told me, so I was not able to have the new and improved version of it done in time. I guess that gives me a little bit more leniency, and hopefully the one in September is early as well so I can bring it. I just need to order up some pawns, some boxes, buy some matte board, and print the new tiles. Also, I have decided to bring back the old Stalin Face coins (apologies to Brenda, they’ll be better this time), but they are going to be square tiles just like everything else. That way, no ugly cuts.

More updates on my digital projects when I have something to say about ’em.


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  1. Ahh molotovs… a northern irishmans favourite drink.

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