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More Monetary Roadblocks and a Stash Update

July 29, 2008

My trial version of Multimedia Fusion 2 is nearly expired. I have been meaning to pick up the developer version for some time, and will most definitely need to before the semester starts. The trick is coming up with those $300-something to get it in order to develop Triwing and my game for Applied.

The next Post Mortem is quickly sneaking up, and I need to condense Stalin’s Stash so it will fit in my car. The upcoming changes are as follows:

  • All player tokens replaced with pawns. Pawns with the same color as the tunnels are player pawns, Black pawns are extra miners, Red pawns are Soldiers, and White pawns are runners.
  • Tunnel cubes will be replaced with tiles to reduce weight and increase ease of duplication.
  • New under-tunnel bonuses, including different amounts of money (1000 and 500 instead of just 500), extra Molotov Cocktails, and “Draw Bonus Card” tiles. No more blank ones!
  • Unit bonuses apply only when units are in-play and not just standing on your Start-Star.
  • New unit bonuses for Runners (+2 movement for every Runner belonging to you in play), Soldiers (+1 explosion radius for Molotov Cocktails thrown by Soldiers in play belonging to you), and Extra Miners (+1 treasure return speed for every Extra Miner of yours in play).
  • Treasure readjustments (5 5000’s, 7 3000s, 5 1000s)
  • Mission Cards with different win-states, including “Stolen Money” (have most valuable collection of treasure) “Caved In” (be the last player without a blocked off Start Star), and more.
  • Adjusted Molotov Explosions. Miners can now destroy a 2×2 diamond (flipped tiles and all), and Soldiers can destroy a 3×3 diamond (up to a 7×7 diamond with bonuses).
  • Socioeconomic Unit Wages based on a Communist Wage Grid (basically, every turn, you would have to pay a certain amount to keep your units in play, and pay for all units is equal to that of the unit with the most expensive upkeep. If you cannot pay your units, they return to the union).
  • 100-Ruble Cards (useful for paying Unit Wages)

All this in a much more transportable 11″x14″ box with all the ridiculous schadenfreude and hate-inducing gameplay of Stalin’s Stash.

I probably have about 3 weeks to get all this done. Here goes nothing.


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