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Rock Band 2 vs. Guitar Hero: World Tour

July 25, 2008


It’s sad, really, that Guitar Hero had to go so far as to completely rip off Rock Band. First World Tour is like, “Hey, we’ve got a drum kit and a microphone now!” and then Rock Band 2 is like, “Uh, we already had those?” and then World Tour is like, “Yeah but our drums have cymbals!” and then Rock Band 2 is like, “We have more cymbals and a limited edition drum kit.” And then World Tour hung its head in shame.

Then came the first big news we cared about: Rock Band 2’s setlist. I love it! It’s got Jethro Tull, Fleetwood Mac, my favorite Talking Heads song of all time… it is a solid list. Then today, I see the potential Guitar Hero 3 list and realize something: A LOT OF THESE SONGS ARE IN ROCK BAND 2!

Alice in Chains – Man in the Box

Okay, I know it’s their first hit, but come on World Tour, you couldn’t put “Them Bones” back in? Or perhaps “No Excuses?” I am letting Rock Band 2 have this one because Rock Band 1 did not have any Alice in Chains, but you could have taken the high road and rehashed “Them Bones.” Heck, Rock Band 1 beat you to rehashing “Message in a Bottle.” No Excuses, World Tour.

Foo Fighters – Everlong

We’ve all been waiting for it to be in Guitar Hero / Rock Band for a while, and we’ve been teased with “Monkey Wrench” and “Learn to Fly.” But once again I am giving this one to Rock Band. “Rock Band” had Learn to Fly, you could rehash “Monkey Wrench,” or even give us “The Pretender” and make our hands bleed. Score another for Rock Band 2.

Jimmy Eat World – The Middle

This is a tricky one because, honestly, Jimmy Eat World got so much better with “Futures,” and “Chase This Light” has a lot of other great tracks on it like “Big Casino” and, “Firefight” would fit in so well for vocals and drums. I’m almost willing to say, Rock Band 2, relinquish “The Middle” to World Tour so that it can continue to have sucky songs, and you can replace it with “Just Tonight” or “Let It Happen.”

The bottom line? Shame on you, Guitar Hero World Tour. Way to not only rip off an entire game, a game by the company that CREATED you, but also way to steal its songs. If the rumors of Tool being in your game are true well… I’ll give you your points back. But you lose major points for having new Linkin Park, Blink 182, and having Slayer and Metallica in the same Tour set. Oh, and don’t get me started on your obsession with Disturbed’s “10,000 Fists” album. That stuff is WEAK compared to Indestructible. Get with the times.

Rock Band 2, you want to completely usurp World Tour? Three words.



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One Comment
  1. Great post, and I totally agree! I skimmed the GH 4 song list, and I just wasn’t impressed at ALL, the only thing I really cared about was a Billy Idol song, and there’s a better one on RB2 anyway.

    But what really ended my future with Guitar Hero was the boss battle system. I HATE IT.

    Rock Band 4 EVAH!

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