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Thinking Sessions – Part 2

July 17, 2008

I have ditched the jungle shooter since it felt too generic. Here, then, is an expanded proposal for the Film Noir Shooter.

The Moonlight’s Magnum (Tentative Title)

Hard boiled detective sent to track down a serial killer discovers he is on the killer’s hit list. Must protect himself, figure out his connection to the other victims, and stop the killer. Story plays out in classic film noir style; overly dramatic voiceover, femme fatale, etc.

Gameplay is top-down, not really a shmup, but still a shooter. Think old school Final Fantasy meets Frank Miller. The game focuses on stealth or gunplay, depending on how the player wants to play. Main character can duck behind objects to take cover in a gunfight or hide to be stealthy.

Oh, and the whole game is in black and white, except for the occassional red blood or anything else that needs to be red (ala Sin City).

Main character is controlled with W (Forward) A (Strafe Left) S (Backward) D (Strafe Right), which work in relation to the position of the cursor. The cursor rotates the character around, and then WASD works relative to his rotation.

The interesting dilema I am having here is one of player choice. What kinds of choices could a player make besides “Should I shoot this guy or should I hide?”

Comment please.


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  1. Sin City style game would be really interesting. It always catches my eye when I see unusual art on a game.

    It sounds to me like a shooter (no duh), but with elements of adventure. Since you have to figure out a connection. Maybe even include a timer and as time goes on more people will be killed, making it easier for you to work out the connection but ultimately a lower score at the end.

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