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Thinking Sessions – Part 1

July 16, 2008

I received an e-mail today saying to introduce myself in the Applied Game Design Facebook Group. I had begun writing a very contrived, pretentious introduction that went something like this:

Hi, I’m Dan, and I design games. This summer I’ve designed a War Game and a SHMUP and I’m also working on a mod for Unreal 3. My favorite game right now is Max Payne and I can’t wait for the movie! OMG doesn’t Mila Kunis look EXACTLY like Mona Sax in the trailer? Anyway, so I’ve made a bunch of games including one where you play as Spiders and one where you’re digging to Stalin’s hidden treasure…

Obviously, this wouldn’t do. So I called up my friend who had been through Applied and he told me to come up with an idea for a game. Awesome. Here I was gettin’ cozy with my SHMUP and it’s already time to come up with my next masochistic death sentence.

I have a feeling that everyone will want to do a game in Unreal 3. That’s all well and good, but I’m already doing a game in Unreal 3. I don’t need to be doing two, and I love Multimedia Fusion. So I am going to pitch something 2D. Here are some initial ideas, tell me what you think:

Jungle Action Side Scroller

This idea is kind of like Pitfall meets Metal Slug. You’d be an escape POW in the middle of the Vietnam War trying to get out of the jungle, swinging on ropes and firing machine guns. I’m thinking of throwing in some Metal Gear Solid 3 survivalism too, so you have to eat the animals you encounter to keep your health up because it’s constantly dwindling. So on top of the Pitfall-esque nature of it (think Mayan Adventure) you’d also get a lot of ridiculous gunplay action ala Metal Slug.

Film Noir Murdery Mystery… Thing

This one’s more story-based but it would need to have some sort of strategic shooting system to take on the bad guys and their Tommyguns. Obviously done in black and white, thinking as top-down with mouse controls to aim and investigate and such, arrow keys to move.

So far my vote is going to #2. Please let me know what you think. I’ll post more tomorrow as I think of them.


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