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Do a You-Know-What!

July 8, 2008

I love when I’m making a game and I get a major mechanic working. Lately it’s been Triwing, and it’s been moving along with 75% baby steps, 25% Godzilla leaps (if Godzilla could leap). Previous leaps have been the scrolling background, shooting, animations, etc. Those were all fairly easy. Today’s godzilla leap was the successful (after several tries) implementation of the barrel roll mechanic. The ship is now controlled with the mouse (thanks to a suggestion by Shurtleff) and barrel rolls are performed using the A and D keys (A to roll Left, D to roll Right), not Z or R as some would have you believe. It will feel better with double-taps, though, so I still need to get that working.

“But Dan, why a barrel roll? Just to go along with the silly meme?” Eh, okay, I’ll admit, to a certain extent. I’d be lying if I said “Not at all.” However, the roll is used to deflect shots and some environmental hazards (so far just lightning but there’s plenty more to be designed). It actually has a use (… or perhaps several? HMMM!). It’s not just there for giggles. Granted, people will be shouting, “Do a barrel roll!” and I encourage that.

Well, I just got the double-tap working. There’s a bit of a bug with it but I should be able to fix it. Next up, UI.


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One Comment
  1. Do a barrel roll!!

    I love that meme. Anytime someone asks me “What do I do?” I reply with Do a barrel roll!

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