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Mayhaps Diablo III?

June 27, 2008

Okay okay. Blizzard are now officially masters of viral marketing, as if they weren’t before. In case you’ve been living under a rock, over the last few days, they’ve slowly been revealing a pair of glowing eyes in a sky surrounded by ice crystals. Here are the pictures thus far:

Included with all of this are images numbered with the LOST numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. I don’t watch LOST, and after seeing what the images reveal, I’m glad:

Looks like we’ve got ourselves an evil Penguin. Awesome. So now we’ve got two big glowing eyes, a bunch of Runes, and an evil Penguin. Several theories abound:

  1. Diablo III. Everyone knows the eyes line up, whoop-dee-doo. The problem with this is that every inhuman character Blizzard has ever created has the SAME EXACT EYES. Check it:

    They all look alike. The only difference is the Wanderer’s eyes are orange. Big deal. If it IS Diablo III, it could be that hell has frozen over or something, which would explain the ice in the splash art. Also, I did a little snooping where no one has snooped yet, and have discovered that Blizzard bought out The fact that it was bought back in 1998 doesn’t surprise me. What IS interesting is that it was last updated on June 18th, just a little over a week ago. Obviously there’s nothing up there quite yet, but this means someone at Blizzard logged into the account and is getting the server space ready or somesuch. I still think Diablo III is a likely candidate, mostly based on Blizzard accessing the sever last Wednesday. Seems to me that accessing a server for the first time in 10 years has got to mean something.

  2. Many people think it’s a Protoss Zealot, especially because of the Protoss rune located in the bottom left of the image. It’s an interesting theory, although it’d be a bit head-scratch worthy if it is. We all know StarCraft 2 is on the way. We don’t need a reminder. Especially not after all the nightmares I’ve had of Zerg rushes since the announcement.
  3. Could also be the Death Knight from WOW, or even Arthas. This seems possible, although, again, a bit strange since we already know Wrath of the Lich King is on the way (a.k.a. Frozen Throne Part 2). However, after rewatching the ending to Frozen Throne, I’ve noticed a few things that make this very possible. In the beginning, there is a giant blue crack in the sky. At the end, Arthas is high up above the ground on the giant icicle, and his eyes glow blue and look exactly like every other pair of Blizzard eyes.

Final thoughts? Could be Diablo, could be Arthas. Most likely Arthas. The evil pengiuns are probably the equivalent of Murlocs up in Northrend. Murlocs, being repitilian, must be cold blooded and therefore would never survive. However, Northrend is obviously up North, and Penguins live in Antarctica, not the North Pole… but who gives a crap about that, right? I mean what else are they going to populate it with? Coca Cola has mixed penguins and polar bears together already. Long story short? It doesn’t have to make sense. It just is.

My personal theory about the eyes? It’s Rob Pardo giving an evil grin, laughing at us for being so gullible and thinking it was Diablo or Arthas (not far off, though. JK Rob).


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  1. I wonder if Gerald Brom did some concept work for Diablo III. His art reeks of badassery.

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