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Make Me ESA Boss!

May 11, 2008

With Activision and LucasArts leaving the ESA due to supposedly shoddy leadership (not my opinion, just their’s) I’ve decidedto throw my hat into the ring and oppose Mike Wilson’s nomination for ESA Boss by nominating myself. What makes me qualified to be ESA boss? Check out this AWESOME bullet-point list:

  • I likes to play the video games.
  • I likes to MAKE the video games.
  • My hands fit the original XBox Controller, and you know what they say about guys with hands that fit the original XBox Controller!
  • I still say Dreamcast is the best console EVAR.
  • I people person.
  • I support the rotting of children’s minds.
  • I support tax breaks for anyone who owns an Arcade machine (10% video game, 15% physical game [like Crane Game or Skeeball), 25% pinball [26% if it’s Addam’s Family Pinball])
  • I will make E3 awesome again by reintroducing booth babes and bringing back live music and no volume restrictions.
  • I support legalization of playing imported games on a Region 1 consoles via modding.

So since November is coming up quickly upon us, I urge all of you to vote for ME when Mike Gallagher’s spot opens up. I will make video games more awesome and brutal than they have ever been before!


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