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Early Morning Learning Experience

May 8, 2008

So after much trial and error tonight I have FINALLY figured out all the kinks of Monty’s renderfarm. This is the first year I’ve really had to use it. The computers are working much faster tonight now that there aren’t 50,000 people accessing the server all at once. They were unbearable this morning. But all is well now, and my project is rendering nicely on the renderfarm. Will probably take a while, though, and then it’s on to Shake.

Ah Shake, Apple’s dumbest invention since iMovie. Is it powerful? Yes, I’ll admit that. But whoever thought that actually having to shake nodes violently to detach them from other nodes is a good idea should go to hell and burn eternally. That and this whole arbitrary number of nodes a node can be attached to. A lot of it really doesn’t make any sense. How I miss using Photoshop for everything.

What sucks is once my Luminance Depth layer has finished rendering, I have to boot into Linux to use Shake and finish up this project… well, that’s not entirely true. First I get to animate these stills in After Effects. THEN it’s onto Shake. Then finish the compositing, bring it back into After Effects for the name plate, and finally submit this project that has been giving me nightmares for two weeks. Is it my best work? Definitely not. I unfortunately phoned this one in so I’d get a C. The depth of field fog will help the horrible forest texture in the background. At least the trees are good. But I’ll be amazed if I get a B. I’m redoing my first two projects next week anyway.

Ok well my luminance renders are done so I’m off to animate.


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