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To Design or to Gopher?

April 23, 2008

I recently received an e-mail from a studio that would have had a potential internship for me, and they informed me that they had no art or design internships, but that I could do “in office” work, i.e. get people coffee. Now, that’s all well and good that they are looking for people to get them coffee, but I don’t pay $2000 a class to get an internship where I get people coffee. I’ve realized that no one is going to take me seriously until I do two things:

  1. Design a heckuvalot more games.
  2. Get my degree.

Maybe that’s not the case for every place I’d like to have an internship. Maybe some places will actually let me make stuff in MAX or Maya for their game. Do I really care? No. I want to make games this summer. The game design section on my portfolio site is severely lacking. Stalin’s Stash will help since it’ll at least add some photographs, but I feel like my summer would be better spent just making a TON of games, like I used to do. Like a prelude to “Applied Game Design” in the fall. Long nights up in my room banging out mechanics or assets. Mom coming in and being like, “Go to sleep already” and me being like “Hell no, I’m working.” The glories of finally being an adult.


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